Konstantinos Kazinakis is an international investment strategist and the President & Chief Operating Officer of United Bunkers Investors Corporation.

With over two decades experience, Kazinakis has been providing clients with trade financing, debt restructuring, and equity investment strategies that anticipate market trends, pricing, and demands. His firm’s inclusive services consist of back office support, oil and petroleum distribution, hedge and insurance fund management, and total financing solutions. To date, Kazinakis’ expertise has amounted in transactions of over $1.5 billion and the successful repositioning of $1 billion of non-performance loans.

Konstantinos Kazinakis’ remarkable knowledge of the global trade market evolved from an insatiable interest in oil and shipping companies, and how operating debt affected their business goals, procedures, and ultimately, their bottom line. By investing in corporations with high amounts of debt, then completely restructuring them, he found that revenue, and in turn profits, had the capacity to rise by unprecedented amounts. In order to support his clients even further, Kazinakis studied the operations, intricacies and nuances of commodity trading, and began overseeing the funding and execution of his business interests’ deals. The success of these innovative solutions prompted the foundation of United Bunkers Investors Corporation, as well as determined its investment strategies, business policies, and extensive line of services.

Bunkering, a term originated in the days of steamships, refers to the supply of oil and petroleum for use by ships in a seaport, including the storage, provision, and shipboard logistics of loading and distributing the fuel. United Bunkers provides comprehensive financial and logistic support for the entire oil industry comprised of cargo and bunkering traders, physical suppliers, vessel and terminal owners, refineries, and producers.

As founder of United Bunkers Investors Corporation, Konstantinos Kazinakis offers financing for advanced payments to wholesalers, bridge construction, receivables discounting, additional inventory, cargo transit, debt, property management, and mezzanine or working capital. Kazinakis’ talented team allows clients to focus on their core business by offering back office support in the forms of contract and risk management, client credit monitoring, collecting purchase and sale transaction documents, invoicing, factoring, and forfeiting. United Bunkers Investors Corporation is supported by Financial Technology trade financing platform for a high technology solution to the global trade finance market, which is worth more than $ 4 Trillion US dollars a year, the gap is currently around $1.4 Trillion for the innovation in making trade financing more efficient and to protect against all risk.

Originally from Greece, Kazinakis now lives and manages his business out of Toronto, Canada. The renowned investor’s global experience, inspirational leadership, and sound judgment have led to lucrative opportunities for both his firm and its clients throughout fluctuating markets, resulting in United Bunkers Investors Corporation’ superlative reputation among the oil and petroleum industry.